Westco Smart Homes has been a leading designer and installer of home automation, dimming and control systems for over 40 years. We specialize in making home automation systems that are simple and easy to operate. We aim to make controlling your home intuitive, so that small children and aging parents alike find the system easy to use and understand with almost no instruction. The technologies are advanced but the operation is basic, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of an automated home, without the stress or frustration of learning how to use new equipment.

We have completed projects on residences of all sizes, from 3,000 square feet to over 50,000 square feet, and tailor every project to meet each client's specific needs. Simplify your life by automating your home controls,and beautify your home with our simple and elegant keypad designs.

Our advanced systems allow you to do more than just manage your lighting, you can also control shades, drapes, heating & air conditioning, fountains, pools & spas, fireplaces, awnings, skylights, audio & video, etc., and you can do it all from a keypad, touchscreen, or even your phone. Your entire home becomes effortlessly accessible with just the touch of a button.
​Welcome to Westco Smart Homes. We are a Los Angeles based company, specializing in home automation, custom dimming systems, lighting design  and energy efficiency. We have been installing and maintaining smart home systems internationally since 1982.
We are Nationally recognized as top-ranked Vantage Dealers, Installers and Programmers.

image courtesy of The Pinnacle List