Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we make ourselves available to our clients throughout the entire design and installation process. This is unfortunately not an industry standard, but we at Westco Smart Homes understand the importance in consistent communication with our clients not only until installation is complete, but afterward as well. Once a project is finished, we provide remote support to address any issues or immediate changes requested by the client, and schedule a night time walk through to review lighting levels in the setting in which the lights are most commonly utilized.

While many programmers and installers feel their job is complete once they have set up the system and don't return calls to address any questions or remaining issues, we often establish long standing relationships with our clients and continue to update their systems as their needs change. 



Our nearly 40 years of experience in home automation is unmatched, and has made us experts in designing a system that is the appropriate size, includes the right equipment and is programmed in the most functional way for each specific client. 

We come to you with our recommendations on the scope of the project and then work with you to create a system that works best for you. We will never sell you on products that you don't need, and we take pride in providing a complete system that has been customized to meet your specific requirements. Because we have been designing smart home systems since the infancy of the technology, and are committed to continued education on what new systems are available, we offer the most knowledgeable and inclusive smart home system design services you can get. 

​A Westco Smart Homes system integrates many different elements of the home - lighting, shades, thermostats, audio/video, security, etc - and provides for both local and centralized control. This allows you to turn on every outside light from just one button instead of having to run from room to room, and to turn off every light in your home when you leave with the press of a single button. Because of our commitment to communication with our clients before, during and after installation, we have thousands of hours of experience tailoring each system to meet the specific customer's lifestyle and are able to anticipate programming needs for each client before they are. ​

There is no point in having an automated home if it is too complicated and impossible to use, therefore we work hard to make sure that you, your family and your guests are able to use the system with ease.  We are also experts in making seemingly complex requests an intuitive and simple component of your system. We rise to the challenge of concepts, applications, and installations that others say can't be done. The more complex the request, the more we like it. 
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