Westco's expertise in residential construction began in 1982 when President Jack Goldberg's commercial project managers asked if he could look at the electrical work being done in their homes. They were not satisfied with their lighting, complaining of confusing lighting switch set ups, the cumbersome task of turning on or off multiple lights at a time and the challenge of getting the lighting to the desired levels. They needed more out of their lighting systems, wanting to have lighting scenes throughout their homes, control of their exterior lights from one location, and the ability to turn off everything from one button as they went to sleep or left the house. It became obvious to us that there were few electrical contractors that really understood the residential client's needs and expectations, and were willing to perform.

Since then, Westco has had the pleasure of working with internationally renowned architects and designers on award-winning home automation projects around the world. While most of our projects are in Southern California where our office is based, we have completed large scale projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in the Phillipines and in Northern Africa, and have worked on projects all around the United States. 

In 2008, Jack's daughter, Sydney, joined the company as a programming specialist, and they now run Westco Smart Homes together. 

We are a family run business, and take pride in offering the highest level of customer service and professionalism. We are particularly known for taking over incomplete or mismanaged projects to ensure that a client is provided with the system they were promised, and often times more.