A smart home system allows centralized control of all or some of the elements of your home and makes moving through the house easy and intuitive. Automated lighting allows you to control all the lights in your home from anywhere in the world. You can turn off all your lights from your bedside as you go to sleep, or turn on a relaxing mood scene in your home as you get close so you don't have to enter a dark house. Integrate your shades and thermostats into the system, and they can be set to automatically raise and lower, based on time of day and sun position, conserving energy and saving you money. A home automation system anticipates your needs and addresses them automatically so you don't have to.

Westco's systems can be incorporated into new building projects or existing homes  and can involve lighting and any other equipment requested. We specialize in working with you to ensure that you are getting the system you want without any of the equipment or extras that you don't.
​In addition to controlling your lighting, shades/drapes and thermostats, you can also control audio & video equipment, pools & spas, fireplaces, fountains and much more. Set the Jacuzzi to heat on your way home from work so that it is warm when you get there, and put your fountain on a timer so that it goes on and off daily without having to think about it. Open gates, doors and garages to let someone in, and activate your alarm again when they depart. We've programmed wind sensors to turn off waterfalls and fountains when winds are strong, light sensors to reduce lighting levels inside when it is bright outside, and rain sensors to close awnings and deactivate sprinklers. 

Not only does the system allow you easy access and control of your home from anywhere, but it also allows you to use your home in more effective and intuitive ways. We create lighting scenes for each room in your home so you can turn on all the lights in the room to your preferred levels with the touch of one button. Having a party? You no longer have to run around to each room of your house to turn on all the lights and adjust each level, because we have already customized this with you. Want to make sure you didn't leave any lights on when you leave for vacation? Press the House Off button from your phone at the airport. We work with you to program your lighting scenes, timers and automation to your specifications and will make recommendations so you take full advantage of all that our home automation systems offer.
YES! Did you know that by dimming your lights down just 15% not only do you save 15% of your electrical costs, but you also double the life of the bulb for additional savings? Your lights can be set to turn on originally to only 85%, which is barely noticeable, but instantly cuts 15% off your electrical costs and greatly enhances the bulb's life!. Our Smart Home System can make your home 'greener' by saving energy, can lower your energy bill, and can make your home life more convenient and safer through lighting control, heating and air-conditioning control, control of motorized shades, drapes, awnings and skylights.

Incorporating these innovations into new and existing projects makes it easier than ever to reduce your carbon footprint and your energy consumption. We save you money and energy by not only installing more energy efficient light bulbs and LEDs, but our unique approach to programming allows further savings.